I'm on Mastodon as well, and Elon Musk is a shithead Appearance on Bad Girls Club – Mitcz.com


...wants you to know it's pronounced "Mitch"

Appearance on Bad Girls Club

I was on a “speed dating” episode of The Bad Girls Club. My date was Ailea and.. it was probably one of the most insane evenings of my life. Saying she was batshit insane doesn’t even begin to cover it. At any rate, you can watch it on Hulu.

For you instant-gratification types, I have a short URL you can tweet, link, share, etc. right here :


That link should¬†skip DIRECTLY to the scene in question (which is 4mins, 55secs in). I believe after about 4 minutes, there’s no more Mitcz sightings.

Please don’t ask about any further details, as I’m not at liberty to disclose them. Just.. strap in. It’ll be a wild ride.