...wants you to know it's pronounced "Mitch"

Rev. Mitcz 2016 Comedy Special LIVE Taping

Rev. Mitcz hasn’t released a new comedy special in over 5 years. He’s way overdo. He’s mostly ready. He’s doin’ it again anyway.

You should join him.

It’s a special night, with 4 of Mitcz’s closest comedian friends :

Teddy Tutson
Thomas C Young
Alex Mandelberg
Justin Rupple

After their opening sets, get ready for A SOLID HOUR of Rev. Mitcz just sweatin’ and swearin’ and self-loathin’. But, like, in a fun way.

This special will be taped for full DVD and digital release in the fall.

Tickets are just $10. Ten measly bucks. Shirts, DVD pre-orders, and “Keepin’ it Evil” DVDs will also be available for sale at the event.

Rev. Mitcz Dirty Jokes Shirt You can pre-order the DVD (includes a digital copy) online along with your ticket, or go all-out with the Super Spiff Deluxe HellYeah Package which includes a t-shirt (shown at left), Mitcz’s first DVD “Keepin’ It Evil”, pre-sale of the new DVD, and a digital copy of Mitcz’s unreleased 2013 EP “I Want to Make Love to Your Face”. That’s a $55 value for just $40.

Quick Details & Some Ground Rules

  • Alcohol will be provided, and is technically “free”, but we ask that you tip the bartenders as a token of thanks, and because you’re a good person and – if you can – PLEASE BYOB 🙂
  • The event starts promptly at 8:00pm. Please arrive before then so you can be seated
  • There will be a brief intermission before Rev. Mitcz takes the stage, so you can get refreshments, use the bathroom, and adjust your butt
  • Rev. Mitcz isn’t MoneyBags McGee over here, so this is entirely self-financed and a one-off event. There are no “do-overs” here. If you disrupt the show in any way (heckling, intentional noise disruption, throwing things, etc) you will be beaten to death with your own shoes

Directions & Parking Info

The “Let Live” space is located at The Actors Company complex on Formosa Ave. You’ll turn into their parking lot where you see a sign jutting out from the building that says “CAZT”. Here’s a Google Street View of it.

Parking should be ample throughout the parking lot of The Actors Company, but there will also be plentiful un-metered street parking.