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Before I Get Started – A Few Ground Rules

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Written on March 1, 2015

As I’ve stated before, I’m intending to write 365 days worth of stories. Before I embark on this mission, and as a point of reference down the line, I’m going to lay out a few “ground rules” for myself and this blog, and also clear up a few questions before they’re even asked.

I Will…

  • Attempt to (within my ability/memory/schedule) have a new entry posted onto this site every single day. You’re not allowed to get mad at me if I miss a day
  • Try to make every post short enough that it can be read within 5 minutes, and break up the larger stories into serial posts
  • Not necessarily be telling a new story every single day, but making a new post every single day. Serial stories that make up multiple pieces will fill that quota, even though they’re technically one giant story broken up into pieces
  • Do my best to pull up “evidence” by way of photos, screenshots, scans, links, secondary accounts, anything/anyone that can corroborate any particularly unbelievable stories I’ve told
  • Do my best to remember details of events, and be honest when I’m paraphrasing or speaking “to the best of my memory”. If I remember something after the fact, the post(s) will be updated. You won’t be notified when this happens, but I’ll add a footnote to any edits made that alter the story beyond a simple typo
  • Warn you by way of the NSFW mark when a story is particularly obscene and/or contains nude imagery
  • Be discussing a lot of adult subjects like drinking, drug usage/abuse, sexuality, death, violence, and a number of other things that would be inappropriate for children
  • Eventually link posts from one to the other – since stories will rarely be told in chronological order, I’ll try to replace all the “but that’s a story for another time…” remarks to the actual stories once they’re posted
  • Be using a private diary I wrote offline from 1996 – 2009 to help fill in some of the lost details of various events. I was a little more… hyperbolic back then (young people, am I right?), but I can read between the lines and figure out what actually happened in most cases

I Will Not..

  • Make any guarantees about the entertainment value of these stories. For all I know, I’ve got maybe 10 good stories. I’m hoping I have close to 200 good stories, but I could be wrong. Some of them will definitely suck
  • Use anyone’s real, full name for stories I think they wouldn’t want told. If their first name is common enough (“Kevin”, “Jennifer”, etc) then I’ll probably use their real first name, otherwise it will be a made-up name that I’ll use every time I refer to that person. The exception to this rule being anyone who explicitly grants me permission to use their name when telling a story
  • Lie about any details to make myself seem “cool” or put myself in a better light than what the reality was at the time. I realize this is a near-impossibility given human error, ego, and memory, but I don’t have issues with making myself look like the bad one and any time I’m not sure on details, I will make that clear
  • Censor my language. I’m not such a miscreant that I need constant vulgarity, but if a vulgar word is needed I won’t shy away from using it. You should assume every post I make will use the word “fuck” at least twice

Questions you might have

Why can’t I comment?

Because I think comments are distracting to the reading experience. If you have thoughts you want to share with me directly, you can contact me. If you have thoughts you want to share with friends, you can have those on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and/or your own blog. Or, y’know, start up a subreddit. This policy might change, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Why is “LSD Chronicles” a separate category from “Drug Stories”?

Because I’ve done a lot of LSD in my life. And, because I consider LSD experiences special in their own right. Somewhere, I’ve got a journal of every LSD trip I’ve ever taken, and it sums up every trip in a series of “tags” (even though tags weren’t a thing when I wrote it) and I intend to milk those stories for all they’re worth. However, there’s been a few other drug-related stories in my life that deserve to be separated.

Are you doing this as an exercise, or attempt, to write a book?

Not intentionally, no. It’s possible, however unlikely, that somehow these stories really take off and I’m like “I should put this shit on Amazon”, but that’s not the goal. I don’t think I’m a good enough writer right now to attempt such a thing.

What if you run out of stories before the 365 days are up? What if you miss a few days?

Well, I’m trying. That’s all I can do – set a goal for myself and work towards that goal. No one’s actually holding me to this, and there’s no Big Reward waiting for me at the end of this tunnel. I’m just challenging myself and welcoming you to watch my journey.

Will these stories be in chronological order?

Definitely not. However, there are some stories that require knowing about an earlier story in order to tell them properly (and in less time). For the most part, however, I’ll be jumping all over the place. Especially with the LSD chronicles.