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My own little 365 project

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Written on March 1, 2015

When I launched RevMitcz.com way back in 2002, I was barely a comedian. I’d never acted outside of a school play 1. I wasn’t really much of anything to pay attention to. But, I’d been blogging since 2000 (on LiveJournal) and I thought I should just go ahead and put all my blogs on my website. Keeping two blogs going felt silly, so I’d occasionally manually duplicate LJ entries back to my site.

Some time around 2005, I gave up LJ and brought all my blogging to my own platform. But, by that time, I wanted my website to represent my comedy (even though I performed maybe 10 times between 2003 and 2009), so I had a separate domain setup for the blogging and just linked to it from RevMitcz.com.

This website is now on its 10th major overhaul (and about the 17th redesign) and every time I’ve re-thought my blog. The last redesign I did in late 2013 was supposed to inspire me to blog again, since I actually made a space for it on my site in a prominent position. But my nagging feeling was that, given that I’ve imported every single blog entry I’ve made throughout LiveJournal, past blogs, various blog projects I’ve started and abandoned, and even MySpace blogs – I didn’t really want people digging through shit I’m wildly embarrassed to have put my name on from the last 15 years 2.

So, the solution came down to this : I’ve discarded every single entry I’ve ever written in the past (over 1400 of them), and started fresh. With this fresh start comes a new goal – I’m going to post stories from my life for 365 days straight.

I’m not delusional enough to think you give 365 days worth of fucks about what’s happened in my life, but I’ve lived my adult life according to one simple rule :

“if there’s a story to tell about this experience, and I’m not more than 20% likely to die doing it – I’m gonna do it”

So, I’ve got a LOT of stories to tell. For me, it’s an opportunity to embark on a project I’ve given myself too many excuses for NOT doing, and it’s an opportunity to exercise my writing muscles and work on my lack of brevity. I’m going to try to keep the stories short enough to read within 5 minutes. To that end, every post estimates “time to read”, and I adjusted it to over-estimate the time, just in case. There will definitely be a few stories that breach 5 minutes, but I’ll try to make those a little more worth it. In some cases, I might even do multi-part stories.

Anyway… I hope you’ll join me in this adventure, but I fully understand if you don’t.

  1. I’m barely an “actor” as it is, frankly 

  2. Seriously – would YOU want everyone to be able to pour over every public outburst you’ve had in the past 15 years?