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A Full Godless Performance

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Written on April 2, 2015

As semi-promised, I managed to transcode the full performance I have from Godless at The Nile. This would’ve been, probably, late 1995. It was before the cod-piece, which means before the Godless photo shoot, and therefore definitely before I turned 18. I may have even been 16 here. I don’t know.

A few things of note..

  • I mistakenly wrote that I started out in “a cloak or something”, but I forgot that I actually started with a “straight jacket” over my top half, which was actually just my Karate Gi that was strapped together in the back
  • Cast of characters : Guy on drums (standing drums!), Mick on guitar (look at that shine), Dan on keyboards (with his fabulous extensions), Brad on vocals (doin’ a helluva job), and of course me as the weird gimpy dude
  • My “candle routine” starts about 10 mins in
  • At around 17 mins, you’ll see that “Mike” character I talked about, barreling through the goth kids dancing
  • I dated one of those dancing goth kids for a few months

Okay, here we go :